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By all accounts the world is getting smaller. Global markets, multi-national matrixed organizations, remote teams and technology reduce distance and bring very different people into proximity.

They need to work together effectively. They have never learned how.

The demands on managers and companies are increasing while resources continue to diminish. People are expected to do more and expand their capacities in a dynamic environment that grows ever more complex.

Managing in this new world requires an understanding of its key differences and a fresh set of organizational practices, tools and behaviors. We would like to share them with you.

Through the identification and realization of individual and collective potential, human revolution consulting services help managers and companies rise to the challenge.

We believe that a change in one individual can have a profound effect on a team, a function and an entire company.

Lasting change is achieved from the inside out.

human revolution consulting professionals work closely with you to determine the key management and human resource challenges you face now and in the future and to define an effective strategy that addresses those issues. We accompany you through implementation, providing innovative and dynamic solutions for growth.

We help you identify and develop key people in your company who will help navigate through the changes, take your company to the next level and bring everyone else along with them.

As a result, individuals and teams will increase and improve their:

  • Clarity and Focus
  • Motivation and Confidence
  • Pro-activity and Cooperation
  • Understanding and Skills

human revolution consulting programs help managers build a better understanding of themselves and others, increasing their clarity around the differences between people and building essential flexibility in behaviors to bridge those differences, whether they are individual in nature or a result of varying national, corporate or functional cultures.

Your organization will experience improved synergy and effectiveness through better decision-making, teamwork, communications, conflict management and leadership.

This translates into tangible and measurable improvements in your business results.

How Can We Help YouHow Can We Help YouHow Can We Help You

areas of focus

  • Talent management
  • Leadership
  • Post merger and acquisition integration
  • Globalization and matrix management
  • People and team development, including remote teaming, international negotiations, communications and managing across cultures

services include

  • Strategic consulting
  • Situation Assessment
  • Coaching
  • Teambuilding
  • Training
  • Facilitation of meetings and conventions

what's your story?

What's Your Story Everybody knows a good story when they hear it, but not everybody knows how to tell a good story. Even fewer know how to tell a story that is compelling, engaging and has the desired effect.

The stories you tell about the work you do, your team or about your company not only determine your actions, but also determine their outcome. Knowing the story you tell and having the tools to tell that story make all the difference in being an effective communicator and can put you in the position to shape thinking, influence, and lead change.

You may have a hunch, an idea that is based on something you know to be true, but without a story to prove it you cannot convince others to come along with you. A story becomes the thesis for this belief, the blueprint of your experience. It is the means by which you communicate the values of your brand and connect with your customers, be they internal or external.

This workshop combines the expertise of a master story teller and a consultant specialized in transforming organizations. It offers you and your team the opportunity to design the stories you want to tell in order to achieve your goals. And you will learn how to apply the fundamentals of story to your business strategy.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for your organization:

  • Clarify vision and goals
  • Improve communication skills
  • Increase creativity and innovative thinking
  • Reinforce your team around shared convictions
  • Build or change your company’s identity and culture
  • Prepare your pitch

James Lecesne has over thirty years experience telling stories in the world of entertainment, writing for film, TV and stage. He has been ranked by the NY Times as “among the most talented solo performers of his (or any) generation,” and his most recent work, The Absolute Brightness of Leonard Pelkey premiered Off Broadway in 2016 to rave reviews. Mr. Lecesne wrote the screenplay for the Academy Award Winning short film, Trevor, which went on to inspire the founding of The Trevor Project, the only nationwide 24-hour suicide prevention helpline for LGBT and questioning youth. He also has experience teaching the basics of story and structure at universities and colleges all over the country including NYU, Columbia University and NY Film Academy and he has worked with Fortune 500 companies developing strategy.

Jazz it UpUsing the metaphor of jazz, inject your training seminars, team building, conventions and key events with new energy.

Internationally acclaimed performing and recording artist Melissa Walker, along with her all-star ensemble, performs a concert and leads an interactive discussion which will provide a new and entertaining perspective to foster leadership and unity in your organization. Topics can include:

  • Jazz and Innovation
  • Jazz and Collaboration
  • Jazz and Diversity
  • Jazz and Excellence
  • Jazz and Performance

why jazz?

Embraced around the world, jazz breaks down barriers and builds bridges. This musical language fosters creative thinking, listening, respect and passion.

What's more, a portion of the proceeds from your event is used to help fund Jazz House Kids, a non-profit organization that brings music to schools in underserved communities.

Download bio and discography information on Melissa Walker.

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alison perlo


alison perloAmerican by birth and French "by adoption," Alison Perlo has 12 years experience living and working in Europe, based in France. She works in both English and French. She has managed projects and teams in 23 different countries including Russia, Chile, Tunisia, Finland, Thailand, Italy and the United Arab Emirates and has worked with people of over 70 different nationalities, from every continent.

Alison has 20 years experience as a consultant and coach, primarily with Inter Cultural Management Associates. She also worked for five years as Vice President Talent Management and Leadership Development for sanofi pasteur, in charge of attracting, developing and retaining top talent and teams. Today Pasteur and sanofi-aventis are two of her clients.

She has served as a guest speaker in business school programs in France at HEC and in the United States at Tulane's Freeman School of Business. She presented a paper in Greece on "Humor in a Foreign Language and Culture" at the World Congress of Applied Linguistics and has been interviewed about working across cultures in several French business magazines.

Alison began her career in teaching and worked as a lecturer in Communications in various establishments including the Ecole Normale Superieure de Fontenay/St Cloud, the Ecole Nationale d'Administration (ENA), ENSAE and the Sorbonne. She earned her bachelor's degree from Brown University and her master's in communications, with a specialization in socio- and psycho-linguistics, from Harvard University.


We tailor each project to your needs and put together a team of highly qualified global associates to achieve your objectives.

alison perlo


124 black birch trail
florence, ma. usa 01062

cell: 1.203.500.4704
office: 1.413.727.3364


Over the years, Alison Perlo has had the pleasure of working with the following companies:

Electricité de France
European Savings Bank Group
France Telecom
Italcementi Group
sanofi pasteur
Schneider Electric
Sky Team
Sylvania Lighting International
Volvo Global Trucks

“human revolution consulting helped McGraw-Hill successfully address a number of strategic and tactical issues at a key point in the development of our publishing program for English language learners. Through comprehensively interviewing our centrally-based management team and regional sales managers, Alison Perlo uncovered and helped us prioritize a small list of urgent challenges (e.g. selling digital product for the first time, operating more effectively as a global team) we needed to tackle to move the business forward. Alison then facilitated a two-day global summit of key stakeholders that was both illuminating and fun-filled, and that led to meaningful change in our publishing and selling efforts.”

Erik Gundersen

Publisher, English Language Teaching, McGraw-Hill

“I have worked closely with Alison Perlo in my role as President of France Telecom North America and Country Manager of the France Telecom Group in North America from 2000 to end 2004. Alison's work with us was two-fold:

  • She provided support to the management team of FTNA, which was comprised of both French and Americans, in order to ensure mutual understanding and to maximize both the motivation and the effectiveness of the team.
  • Alison coached me as CEO to accelerate my adaptation to the US business environment.

Alison has been a consummate professional in all of her projects with us and has been greatly appreciated by all involved, French and Americans alike.”

marc dandelot

conseil d'état

“I have had the opportunity to work with Alison over several years and continue to call on her when I want to hold a seminar to reinforce motivation and team spirit.

Alison is both creative and meticulous: the process and exercises she puts together are not only powerful but also well-organized.

She has a real talent for facilitating groups, especially those that are multicultural. This ability combined with her understanding of management principles allows her to adapt programs as needed in real time to get everyone's buy-in and maximize exchange.

In our most recent seminar, she captured the attention and the energy of the group and positioned the content in such a way that I could make significant progress with my team on key issues in an atmosphere that was open, positive and fun.

I heartily recommend her services for managers who want to take their teams ‘to the next level'.”

alain bernal

vice president communications, sanofi pasteur

“I worked very closely with Alison in my role as Senior Vice President of Human Resources for Aventis Pasteur. As Vice President of Talent Management and Leadership Development, Alison was in charge of the corporate leadership development program and succession planning.

Alison is an absolute professional who will support you both in developing a strategy for organization or leadership development, and in putting it into action. She possesses shrewd analytical skills, zeros in on strategic issues at stake, and masters intercultural understanding.

She is creative, responsible and a talented facilitator. She'll be highly effective in helping you to assess your needs and to manage both the strategic and tactical dimensions of your projects.

She'll definitely make the difference.”

catherine mabileau

head of human resources, council of europe

More client feedback to come.